Exclusive Whisky
Investment Webinar:

  • Learn more about the key events that are impacting the industry and how this impacts cask investors.
  • Examine historical returns of whisky as Jacob breaks down the capital growth trends from over 5 years of sales data.
  • Discover why the current state of the whisky market is driving an unprecedented level of long-term investment.
  • Get an inside look at some new investments that Jacob is recommending to clients today, and the reasons why.
  • Ask Jacob questions during a live Q&A immediately following the presentation.

Date And Times:

April 27 2023 @ 8am EST (New York)

April 27, 2023 @ 1pm BST (London)

April 27, 2023 @ 8pm HKT (Hong Kong)

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Purchased my first cask a year ago as a different type of investment. My advisor recommended the right cask and ensured everything went smoothly.

Fraser Watson

Whisky Investor,
Braeburn Whisky Client

From interest to purchase, I have felt completely supported by Braeburn Whisky.

Richard Bicknell

Whisky Investor,
Braeburn Whisky Client

Very helpful, supportive and proactive in giving me updated whisky cask market information.

Daniel Chan

Whisky Investor,
Braeburn Whisky Client

From providing information regarding the whisky industry, explaining the difference between Scotch and Japanese whisky, and talking through the history of different distilleries in Scotland… it all enhanced my interest and involvement in whisky investment.

Sidney Cheung

Whisky Investor,
Braeburn Whisky Client

What will be discussed?

In this exclusive online event Jacob Daniels will explore market data to help investors understand the extent to which the industry has grown over the past 12 months and where he expects it to go from here.

Jacob will break down the state of the industry and share extensive insights from Braeburn’s latest Whisky Cask Report which sheds light on both historical returns and projected capital growth of whisky investments over the next five years.

Who should watch?

If you’d like to take a closer look at the whisky market from an investment perspective, this online event will give you access to powerful insights you won’t find anywhere else. In just 30 minutes you will gain a multitude of detailed insights that will help you make an informed decision about whether whisky investment is right for you.

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Whisky Investment Webinar

Don’t miss your chance to hear Jacob Daniels share exclusive insights about how to monetise whisky cask holdings and break down the exit strategies that are available to investors. He will highlight the best methods for building a liquid portfolio that generates stable returns and offers resilience to the uncertainty in traditional markets. Space is limited, register now to reserve your seat.

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