Unlock the Power of
Whisky Cask Investment

Whisky casks can provide a powerful 
way to grow your portfolio while the 
whisky matures in your cask, year after year.

Cask prices can start from  
as little as £2,750 GBP.

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About Braeburn Whisky

We have the largest selection of casks available  
on the market. Our data-driven, portfolio
management approach, alongside our access to
the widest selection of casks available on the
market, provides  our clients with unique
opportunities and the chance to enjoy 
an investment like no other.


Braeburn offices


Distilleries with casks
supplied by Braeburn


Casks under management

The whisky cask 
investment specialists

We helps investors acquire and manage whisky 
cask investment portfolios from leading Scotch 

By building long-term relationships, we introduce 
you to the world of cask investment through our 
passion and knowledge of the whisky market, 
alongside a relationship based on transparency 
and trust.

Securely held until bottled in a bonded warehouse 
in Scotland, investors have the chance to sample or 
visit their casks, as well as work with our cask 
management team to gain the maximum value 
for their whisky.

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As a major player in the
sector, Braeburn brings
increased transparency
to a tangible asset class
growing in popularity
among investors.

David Bell CBE

Professor of Economics
Stirling University

Unlock the Power of Whisky Cask Investment

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Please note that as in any investment, past performance does not guarantee future performance.

Whisky cask investment is currently unregulated in the UK. Terms & Conditions apply.

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