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Discover Our Cask Selection

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1. Selection & Acquisition

Speak to a portfolio manager and review our current selection of casks.

Choose your cask according to your budget and goals and start building your portfolio.

2. Management & Storage

Your cask will be stored at one of our partner warehouses, where you will have full rights over it.

We will monitor the health of the cask, ensuring optimum maturation conditions, and advise you on sampling, re-gauging or re-raking (finishing in a different cask).

3. Resale & Bottling

When the time comes to exit your investment, we can help to provide access to an extensive re-sale market, ensuring you get the optimum returns for your investment.

If you decide to bottle your cask, we offer a complete cask to bottle service, including branding, design and production.

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Discover Our Cask Selection

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Please note that as in any investment, past performance does not guarantee future performance.

Whisky cask investment is currently unregulated in the UK. Terms & Conditions apply.

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