With Scottish and Japanese origins, Braeburn has established itself as the foremost expert in rare whisky. In 2005, while visiting a Scottish distillery, Braeburn’s founders saw hundreds of casks maturing in a distillery warehouse and the Braeburn opportunity was born. While whisky matures in the cask, it develops flavour and appreciates in value until it is bottled. After bottling, the maturation process stops. This creates an interesting dynamic for an investor, cask whisky is an asset that naturally continues to increase in value as it ages. Cask investment has historically been limited to insiders, dealers and large institutions.

Braeburn Whisky set out to challenge these long-standing conventions and offer access to investment grade whisky casks. No matter where you are in the world, you can have a connection to Scotland and the Scotch whisky heritage that comes from personal cask ownership. We work to bring whisky enthusiasts to the forefront of whisky investment through rare and culturally important casks of whisky. Grow your portfolio and keep the whisky tradition alive with Braeburn Whisky.

Our Mission

At Braeburn Whisky, our mission is to provide expert research and sound advise to help clients explore investment-grade whisky as a powerful complement to traditional asset classes. We offer one of the worldʼs premiere selections of rare and exclusive casks. Our inventory is concentrated on Scotch whisky, but also includes other popular distilleries in Japan and worldwide. Each client is unique and our team will assist with finding the perfect whisky investment to complement your portfolio. Our team will lead the effort to balance risk and find investments that have yielded significant past returns. Upon realization, Braeburn has created an extensive, world-wide network of wholesalers, distributors, collectors and auction houses.