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The Macallan Distillery in Speyside is built upon a lineage of passion, vision, and quality. As one of the world’s leading Scotch makers, Macallan is ever-committed to the pursuit of craftsmanship using only the best raw materials harvested from the rolling hills and farmland surrounding the estate. Although the distillery has expanded globally to meet a growing demand, the barley and other natural resources used today are drawn from the very same fields as were used centuries before. This immense 390-acre property and the farms thereon are managed by Macallan staff to ensure excellence and foresight at every step of the process.

This whisky authority has become one of the highest-selling single-malt Scotch brands to date, and for good reason! Slower fermentation and lower temperatures make for a fruity, mild character that is effortlessly drinkable. Hundreds of thousands of casks are kept on-site with a special focus on Spanish sherry for aging their most favoured expressions, but they have been expanding their palate to include more single malts matured in bourbon oak casks for an even wider audience appeal.

Casks from Macallan have become increasingly scarce as popularity for the iconic liquid continues to grow. When casks do come available they sell quickly to investors who are drawn to the robust growth which has averaged more than 16% per annum over the past 5 years.

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