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‘The Sherry Cask Connoisseurs’ of Glendronach Distillery serve up a classy dram. This meticulous distillery is very robustly sherried thanks to their collection of Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso casks. These high-quality casks are carefully sourced to ensure clarity of flavour. Often used in Teachers and Ballantine blends, Glendronach has released its own signature range of single malts as well that have made them one of the top Scotch brands for wine aficionados. Although their specialty for aging whisky is classically sherry casks, the distillery has begun introducing ex-bourbon casks into the mix for a wider range of whisky qualities to come.

The water for their whisky runs directly through distillery grounds from the Dronac Burn for which it is named. Glendronach uses reflux bowls in their stills to maximize the raw quality of the new make spirit being produced. Six on-site warehouses then afford ample room to age as many casks as the distillery can take on. Legend has it that the buildings are haunted by a Spanish lady who hitchhiked her way to Glendronach hidden in a fateful sherry cask. Said to enjoy a sip every now and again, perhaps much of the angel’s share at this distillery goes to her.

The grounds also house a charming gift shop and visitor centre that guests can peruse after one of the pleasant distillery tours where you’ll have the option of filling your very own bottle of Glendronach whisky straight from the cask. A very rare opportunity not provided by many distilleries, putting Glendronach a cut above the rest for connoisseur care.

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