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How to Diversify Your Portfolio with Whisky Casks

Whisky Cask Investment

Whisky casks are a lucrative and prestigious investment opportunity that provide healthy returns. The best part? Stock market performance bears no weight on whisky cask performance. That means whisky casks can effectively safeguard your wealth while still offering unparalleled returns. Distilleries throughout Scotland are capitalising on the natural maturation process of whisky casks. As whisky […]

Whisky Casks vs Bottles: Collecting or Investing?

whisky bottle investment

You’ve decided that you love whisky. In fact, you love it so much that you’d like to take your relationship with whisky to the next level. As fellow whisky lovers, we’re here to support you! Now, you have to make the choice as to what you want your relationship with whisky to be. That is, […]

Can Whisky Beat the S&P 500?

S&P 500

If we’re talking investments, the S&P 500 can’t be ignored. It’s been used as the benchmark for overall market performance for a long time. Investors use the S&P 500 to gauge how well their investments are performing at any given time. Is the investment on par with the S&P 500, or is it dipping below? […]

The Rise of the Single Malt in China

The Rise of the Single Malt

The Growth of Whisky Tourism In summer 2018 regular direct flights began between Edinburgh Airport and Beijing. Like distilleries expanding their premises to accommodate voracious demand for their malts, Scotland itself is expanding its capacity to welcome tourism from the far East. Visitors from China are hurrying to Scotland, spending large sums while breathing in […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Whisky Cask Investment

The Beginner’s Guide to Whisky Cask Investment

Scotch whisky is present almost everywhere and has been a recognisable tipple for a good few generations. Its popularity exploded around the middle of the 19th century and its international profile is still rising. The generic ‘Scotch’ is a shorthand for a sophisticated drink worldwide. Whisky itself, however, remains a little mysterious – the traditional […]