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Exclusive Single Malt Cask Aged 23 Years – Available Now

We’re excited to offer this exclusive single malt whisky produced by the Springbank Distillery. Located in Campbeltown, once the “whisky capital of the world”, Springbank is the only distillery in Scotland to carry out 100% of the distilling process on-site today. That makes the quality of this cask unrivaled. Investors can capitalise on the level of passion and experience that Springbank has put into their whisky since 1828 and enjoy the returns on the cask as the spirit exceeds 25 years of age.

The cask contains 302 litres of alcohol has spent more than 23 years maturing in a bonded warehouse in Scotland after being distilled at Springbank distillery in 1996. The 1st Fill Bourbon Hogshead cask would currently yield a quantity of 212 standard-sized bottles at cask strength of 51.70%.

This cask is a very rare offering and is expected to sell fast, so speak to us today to place your reservation.

  • Distilled on October 18th, 1996
  • Matured more than 23 years
  • Cask located in a bonded warehouse in Scotland
  • 51.70% cask strength
  • Current yield approximately 212 bottles (70cl)

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