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The oldest distillery on Islay with one of the most famous warehouses in the Industry – the No.1 vaults, where one of the walls keeps the Atlantic ocean at bay. Bowmore has a long association with elaborate and luxurious bottles of sweet and elegantly peated whisky. 16 years is already very well aged for a whisky, and it’s between 15 and 18 that Bowmore really hits its stride as an exceptional malt. This cask could be kept for much longer, though – old and rare Bowmore often leads both the primary and secondary markets in price and collectibility.

Hogshead cask that has matured 16 years after being distilled in 2002. The cask contains approximately 214 bottles of liquid at cask strength of 57.80%. Available for immediate sale.

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  • Distilled on March 8, 2002
  • Matured more than 16 years
  • Cask located in bonded warehouse in Scotland
  • 57.80% cask strength
  • Current yield approximately 214 bottles

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