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With sights set as sharp as the golden eagle that serves as their emblem, Ardmore holds a deep connection to the land it nests upon. Making use of the Highland wildlife for ingredients and resources, this whisky maker soars to new heights of flavour and explores the depths of what it means to make malt.

Originally the whisky of Ardmore was used primarily as a base for the famous Teacher’s Highland Cream, a smooth blended whisky variety that has been in demand for over a hundred years. But over the last few decades, the distillery has created its own unique lineup of single malt Scotch whisky bottlings, each with its own special character and finish.

Ardmore malts are generally known for their sweetly smoked peat flavour base, but each of these unique casks build upon that base for cravable tasting profiles such as creamy vanilla spices, smoky charcoals, toasted caramel, and honey. Each an elegant Highland dram, matured patiently in ex-bourbon casks by a crew of dedicated experts.

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